The Richest Man In Babylon – By George S. Clason

“Money Is Plentiful For Those Who


The Simple Rules Of Its Acquisition.”

The book “The Richest Man In Babylon by -George S. Clason is about an ancient city Babylon. In the pages of history there lives no more glamorous city than Babylon. Its very name enchants visions of wealth and splendour. This book is all about how great wealth can be achieved by man, using whatever means are at his disposal. This book is a pathfinder for those who have limited resources and thinks they cannot achieve their goals with the limited means they possess. The eons of time have crumbled to dust the proud city of Babylon, but the wisdom of Babylon endures.

Simple Rules Of Acquiring Wealth –

1. Start your purse to fattening –

This is a simple and very basic rule of acquiring wealth. According to this a person must pay himself first rather than spending his income on his day to day needs or liabilities, i.e, after earning a person must keep at least 10% of it as savings. As every drop counts, this simple formula of paying the 10% of income to yourself first will soon create fat cash for you. And remember a part of your earning is all yours to keep.

2. Control your expenditures –

This is a must follow rule for each and everyone to fulfill their desire of wealth creation. A person must be very careful and clear about his/ her spending habits. One should avoid expenditures on unnecessary things. A person must have a schedule of his/her day to day expenditures and well planned so that useless expenditures should be avoided to the fullest.

3. Make your money multiply –

A successful person is the one who enslaves his/her money to work for him/her. Once you earn or create a wealth you should look for opportunities where it can be invested and multiplied. One should never keep his/her money to rest as money in rest will never multiply itself rather one should invest his money so that his money will create or multiply itself.

4. Guard your treasures from loss-

Wealth creation is far more difficult than losing it. So a person should know how to protect his/her wealth from loss. Wealth loss happens when a person doesn’t have sufficient knowledge about its investing. Money invested in wrong investment soon vanishes from the hands of it’s owners just like sand slips from the hands of its beholder.

5. Insure A Future Income-

A person must have or must create a regular stream of income flowing into his/her purse, i.e, his/her future income must be assured. Assuring future income will help the person live wealthy throughout his/her life. Wealth has no assurance, it goes as fast it comes, so a regular future stream of income will secure a person’s future and will avoid his/her dependency on others for his survival on this financial world.

According to the book one should not force his money to impossible earnings or a person should not invest in the fields he/she is not familiar with.

Quotes from the book –

Money makes possible the enjoyment of the best earth can afford.

Money is plentiful for those who understands the simple laws which govern its acquisition.

My views –

A person is lucky enough to achieve everything he wishes to but one simple thing must be kept in mind that fortune favours the brave. You are fortunate enough to achieve everything but not fortunate enough to achieve everything without hardwork. Having nothing should not be an excuse or should never come in the path of one’s achievements rather having nothing is a positive reminder that you have nothing and you have a very long path to your goals, you must not stop until you prove everyone wrong and achieve everything you ever thought of. Compromise with everything but not with your goals as goals are the lifelines of a living soul.

“If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost

For out of the world we find,

Success begins with a fellow’s will

It’s all in the state of mind.”


Book review -Rich Dad’s Cashow Quadrant – by Robert Kiyosaki

“You can never have true freedom without financial freedom.”

The book Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant is about financial freedom. It shares true knowledge of being financially free. In today’s world everything costs money, even emotions are charged with money, for example – if you want to meet an old friend of yours at his/her place or you want to invite that friend of yours at your place, in both the cases you need money, so you can imagine in today’s world money is a lifeline. This book tells about the steps or the approaches required to be financially independent. To become rich one needs to think like the rich, one becomes exactly what he / she thinks. The book focuses on four different quadrants of the financial world of which we all are a part of one or more quadrants.

The four quadrants –

The four quadrants as you can see represents the financial environment a person is in.

The E quadrant –

The “E quadrant” stands for Employee i.e, those people who work for some organisations for money belong to this quadrant. People in this quadrant have a little or no knowledge about financial freedom or how to get out of the rat race. People in this quadrant depend upon their organization they are working for or on the government for their financial security.

The S quadrant –

The “S quadrant” stands for self employed. People in this quadrant work in the specific field with a specific knowledge. People’s like doctor, chartered accountants etc belongs to this quadrant. The main problem of this quadrant is the people working in this quadrant have to be experts in their work to survive the competitions. The income of the people in this quadrant depends on their working potential.

The B quadrant –

The “B quadrant” stands for business. People in this quadrant owns a system in which people work for them. In this quadrant people don’t work for on their own rather they create a system in which people work for them. The income in this quadrant depends on the efficiency of the system and management and the productivity of the people working in the system for the owner.

The I quadrant –

The I stands for “Investor” . People in this quadrant are masters of wealth creation. They know how to use their money to work for them. The people in this quadrant make money from money. People in this quadrant don’t work for money, their money works for them. People belonging to other three quadrants must have adequate knowledge of this quadrant and irrespective of which quadrant they belong they must belong to this quadrant also to attain financial freedom.

The book focuses on many other topics along with the four Cashflow quadrant-

  • One must know from which quadrant he/she belongs and the efforts needed to reach the goals he/she had set.
  • One must have clear mindset of where he stands financially and where he/she wants to make a stand i.e, one must have proper idea from which quadrant he/she can generate cash flow to become an investor.
  • One must mind his own business to be financially free, i.e, work for yourself don’t make your boss rich by working for them rather make a plan and create a system of your own.
  • Believe in yourself, you can achieve everything you want but you must have faith in yourself, you must have a winner mindset to win.
  • To become rich one needs to have mentality and thinking exactly like the rich people.

Quote from the book-

“You can never have true freedom without financial freedom. ”

“Freedom may be free, but it has a price.”

My views –

Start from today to have a better tomorrow, be the best version of yourself, work hard and you will definitely reach your goals. No matter what comes in your path just go on. Don’t be afraid to fail rather make your failure bridge between your today and your successful tomorrow.

Book review – Rich Dad Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads – Rich dad (he was the father of his best friend Mike and the financial father of Robert kiyosaki) and Poor Dad (he was real father of Robert Kiyosaki who was a highly educated but had no knowledge of financial literacy so he was Robert’s poor dad), and the way they both shaped Robert’s thoughts about money and investing.

The six core ideas of getting rich that the book focuses on-

1) The book says : the poor and the middle class work for money while the rich don’t work for money ,the rich make money work for them, i.e, the rich work to acquire assets and create passive and portfolio income.

2) Financial literacy is the key to financial freedom, i.e, a person should learn about how the money works and how a person can get out of the rat race and be independent financially.

3) The book also says to mind your own business, i.e, whatever work a person is doing he/ she should know that their profession or their business is not their business but their actual business should be to create assets.

4) It’s not how much money a person makes but its how much assets a person builds with his money, i.e, how much a person knows to use their money as their employees who work continuously and create more wealth for them.

5) The rich don’t save money they save time as it is the greatest asset and the person who invests time to learn to earn will definitely be financially free.

6) The book says that a person should know the difference between assets and liabilities and should create assets with their income not liabilities and a person’s assets should be always greater than liabilities.

Rich Dad Poor Dad summary

According to author to be financially independent a person should build real assets from his income. According to author, real assets fall into following category –

1. Stocks

2. Bonds

3. Income – generating real estate.

4. Notes (IOUs)

5. Royalties from intellectuals,patents etc

6. Passive income source like anything that has a ready market and can generate income.

Some quotes from the book

“there is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary and poor is eternal.”

“people’s lives are forever controlled by two emotions: fear and greed.”

“thinking that a job makes you secure is lying to yourself.”

“an asset puts money in your pocket. A liability takes money out of your pocket.”

“cash flow tells the story of how a person handles money.”

“the number one expense for most people is taxes.”

“the rich buy assets,the poor only have expenses,the middle class buy liabilities they think they are assets.”

The best management skills required for success are-

1. Management of cash flow

2. Management of systems

3. Management of people

The author says even after being financially literate some people couldn’t afford to be rich and are not able to develop abundant asset due to following reasons –

1.Fear of taking risks

2. Cynicism

3. Laziness

4. Bad habits

5. Arrogance

In the world of accounting, there are three different types of income:

1. Ordinary Earned Income ,i.e, the money one earns through hardwork such as working for others for money.

2. Portfolio income, i.e, the income one earns from his/her investments.

3. Passive income, i.e, the income from patents or from products which have already a very well set market.

“Don’t work for money make your money work for you.”

A therapy for healthy living :Hijama therapy

Human race is advancing in technology everyday and so the pollution level is also increasing,giving rise to many deadly diseases. To live a healthy lifestyle we should be disease free. We should know the technique to counter diseases efficiently. One of the best technique to live disease free is ‘Hijama therapy’0

It is also known as cupping therapy. It is an ancient technique of purifying blood. As we all know all the diseases are spread in our body through blood and if our blood is healthy then no disease can affect us. Hijama therapy is the technique which uses cups to take impure blood out of our body.

This is not a very costly treatment and it’s a very good health investment as it saves us from many deadly diseases.

A healthy way…

One of the best resolution to take this New Year would be to start living in a healthy way. To get a healthy physique one must live a well managed life, i.e, having a perfectly timed sleep, a balanced diet and most importantly exercise.Exercise is just like spices without which the real taste of good health can never be achieved.

For a healthy body everything is needed in well maintained way,i.e,timely sleep and waking up early, doing a couple of exercises,maintaining hygiene and a lot more. But everything can’t be achieved in one day. One needs to approach all these steps one by one.

Before starting regular exercises, one should inherit the habit of waking up early. Waking early habit can be attained in just one week or for some it will even take less time. All you need is to wake up slightly early than your regular waking time. Repeat this daily for just 1 week,and after one week you will be able to jump off your bed at the healthiest time of the day.

Start off your day well and proceed towards your fitness goals.

Know yourself

In this world we meet different people, everyone has his own way of dwelling life. But the most important person we meet on our life is our own self. Unsuccessful people are those who don’t know their own self,they don’t know what is their potential, they have never talked to their conscience.

Talking to our own self gives our conscience the courage and confidence of achieving everything we wanted,and standing at our success’s mast.